Installing cavity wall and loft insulation will not only reduce your heating bills, it will also make your home feel more comfortable and reduce your carbon footprint!

Loft Insulation Colchester

Colchester loft insulation

It is amazing how much heat is lost through your loft. With energy prices rising, there has been no better time than now to get your loft insulated. Not only will you save on bills and feel warmer in the winter, you’ll also feel cooler in the summer and reduce your carbon footprint! A to Z are here to ensure you get the best Loft Insulation in Colchester.



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Loft Insulation in Colchester, why choose us?

When it comes to choosing Loft Insulation in Colchester, it helps to choose someone who specialises in insulation. While a general tradesperson will complete the job, insulation specialists such as A to Z will ensure the job is completed to industry best practice and fully compliant with current regulations.

We have over 25 years combined experience in the industry and there’s not much we haven’t seen in a loft! We are well placed to deal with any issues that may arise and complete the job to your complete satisfaction.

Enquire today to arrange a FREE survey, where we will determine exactly what your loft requires and explain everything to you. We can then follow up with a no obligation quote for you to consider!

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Does my loft need insulation?

Current guidelines recommend 270 to 300mm loft insulation.

We find most properties have between 70 – 100mm existing, this is usually up to joist height.

Some older properties may have no insulation or up to only 25mm existing. Having the loft insulated will make a huge difference to your home comfort and energy bills!

Insulating your loft can save as much as £580 per year and as much as 1.3t of CO2*, as stated on the Energy Saving Trust website.

The joists should not be visible and all you should see is a lovely blanket of insulation. If your loft looks like anything other than the photos on our website then you should consider having it inspected. Even newer properties may not be up to scratch.

Find out if your loft is up to scratch, contact us today for your FREE loft insulation survey!

*Figures based on a gas-heated detached house, with no insulation existing, having 270mm installed.

Our Services

We provide a range of services for Loft Insulation in Colchester. Take a look at some of our featured services below!

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Loft Insulation

We offer loft insulation to help keep you warm during the colder months.

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Loft Boarding

We can board your loft to add valuable storage space to your insulated loft.

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Loft Ladders

If you need easy access to your loft, we can install safe and secure loft ladders.

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Loft Clearance

We can safely remove and dispose of any existing insulation, including loose blown fibre or paper.

Talk to us

We are proud to have insulated many properties in Colchester and the surrounding area. We encourage people to contact us so that we can discuss your needs and then arrange a quote. Talk to us today so you can find out more about the insulation services that we can offer you.

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Quotes can vary due to a number of different factors, such as the depth of existing insulation and whether this needs to be topped up or replaced as well as any ancillary requirements (ventilation, downlight covers, tanks or pipes etc).

Be very wary of someone who turns up at your door offering their services, especially if they offer to do the job for the full amount in cash up front for a discount. It is better to choose someone who can offer insurance in the event of any issues that could occur during the time spent working on your property.

An effective tradesperson will be able to address any questions that you may have and go into detail about the work that they do. They should also be willing to let you check any identification with a company that they represent.